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A 4-stroke outboard motor makes boating more fuel-efficient, quieter and more environmentally-friendly! Already discovered the biggest selection of outboard motors?

  • Significantly quieter than a 2-stroke
  • More fuel-efficient and more environmentally-friendly
  • Wide choice of 4-stroke outboard motors

4-stroke outboard motor: what is it?

Are you looking for a new 4-stroke outboard motor? Here at Outboard Occasions, we have a large offer of 4-stroke outboard engines for sale! Before you buy a new outboard engine, it’s important to know what kind of motor your boat needs. One of the engines you can pick for your boat, is the 4-stroke outboard motor.

4-stroke outboard engines have been known for their power, low emissions, fuel mileage, lower sound level, and how smooth they run. They used to be very large, heavy and not so fast in accelerating. But today’s technology has changed that! Nowadays, 4-stroke outboard are more comparable to 2-stroke outboards in their size, speed and acceleration.

Technical features of a 4-stroke engine

The engine of a 4-stroke outboard works by running one compression stroke, followed by an exhaust stroke. Each stroke is followed quickly by a return stroke. Today’s 4-stroke outboards have a high-tech computer management system to keep the motor running smoothly, which grants them great performance. Next to that, new 4-stroke outboard engines put out few emissions and are amazingly fuel-efficient.

The 4-stroke outboard engine consists of an oil filter and a self-contained oil cavity within the engine. This is similar to the way it works in a car. 4-stroke engines need an oil change after 100 hours or one year of use.

Why choose a 4-stroke outboard motor?

When you’re looking to buy a new outboard motor, you’re probably also considering the price of the outboard. Of course, you don’t want to pay too much for your outboard. When you’re looking at the fuel costs for a 4-stroke outboard engine, it is way more fuel efficient than a 2-stroke engine. Next to that, 4-stroke outboards produce far less harmful emissions. These emissions can be up to 90% cleaner than the emissions from a similar sized 2-stroke engine. When an outboard is more fuel efficient, it means that less fossil fuels are burned. So, this makes the 4-stroke outboard a ‘greener’ choice.

Of course, the 4-stroke outboard engine also has a few downsides to it. One big downside of the 4-stroke outboard motor is its size. It’s bigger and heavier than the 2-stroke outboard, which also has to do with the fact that there is more material used for 4-stroke engines. 4-strokes are also more expensive to build, but luckily manufacturers are now building more space-efficient engines. Next to that, 4-stroke outboards are most of the time not compatible with small boats because of the size and weight of the engine.

Repair and maintenance of your 4-stroke outboard

To expand the lifespan of your 4-stroke outboard motor, it’s important that you get it maintained and serviced. At Outboard Occasions, we can take care of the maintenance and repair of your outboard engine. Our specialised mechanics know what’s best for your 4-stroke outboard, so you can leave the maintenance to us. Also, for repair of your 4-stroke outboard engine, we can help you. Just contact us to make an appointment, and we’ll get your 4-stroke outboard engine ready for the next sailing season!

4-stroke outboard motors for sale

If you’re looking for a new 4-stroke outboard motor, Outboard Occasions is your place to go to. Here, we offer a large selection of 4-stroke engines from different brands like Yamaha, Tohatsu, Mercury and Honda. The outboards we offer are beforehand carefully inspected for defects, and are always ready to use. When you purchase a used outboard motor, you get a first-season warranty as standard. That is the service that you can expect from the Netherlands’ leading outboard motor specialist!