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Evinrude invented the outboard motor as we know it today. And the company is still at the forefront of developments aimed at making boating cleaner, quieter and thus more pleasant with its E-TEC technology, for example!

  • Official Evinrude dealer
  • Olé Evinrude, inventor of the outboard motor
  • Innovative, fuel-efficient and clean!
  • Official Evinrude dealer
  • Olé Evinrude, inventor of the outboard motor
  • Innovative, fuel-efficient and clean!

Evinrude, inventors of the outboard motor

Let’s go back in time. Norwegian Olé Evinrude – real name Olé Andreassen Aaslundeie – emigrated to America with his family in 1881. The story of the Evinrude brand starts a couple of decades later – in 1907 – when Olé designs the first practical two-cylinder outboard motor made of steel and brass. After receiving its first big order for 1000 motors in 1911, the company experiences significant growth and development of the outboard motor progressed rapidly. In the years that followed, a flywheel magneto ignition was added to make starting the motor easier, 360-degree steering was developed and the weight of the motor wass reduced considerably by using aluminium. Before the second world war, son Ralph takes over the company from his father and lays the foundations for hooded models to protect parts and reduce the level of noise produced.

Today, the Evinrude brand is part of Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) with its head office in Wisconsin, a state in the north of the United States.

Best of both worlds: E-TEC technology

Evinrude’s E-TEC technology combines the fuel efficiency of a 4-stroke motor with the acceleration and power of a 2-stroke motor. E-TEC motors produce 80% less carbon monoxide and have an advanced oil and fuel injection system. What does that mean for you? Better fuel efficiency and cleaner boating. Evinrude outboard motors with E-TEC technology start from 25 horsepower.

Official Evinrude dealer

Outboard Occasions is an official Evinrude dealer. So when you purchase an Evinrude outboard motor, you will get a 5-year warranty as standard and we can supply all models and parts quickly. You can also come to us if your motor requires any maintenance, servicing or repairs.

Evinrude outboard motors in brief

All the benefits of these outboard motors at a glance:

  • Full product range from 3.5 to 300 horsepower;
  • Relatively low fuel and oil consumption;
  • Low maintenance and above all easier to maintain;
  • 5-year warranty when you purchase a new Evinrude motor;
  • New generation 2-stroke motor with the benefits of 4-stroke technology.

Discover our complete range of Evinrude outboard motors! Want to find out more? Put your question to our specialists.