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A fantastic experience on the water! That is how Honda outboard motors can be summed up. Discover the selection of competitively priced motors available from the Netherlands’ leading outboard motor specialist!

  • Wide choice of Honda outboard motors
  • Stylish silver design
  • Quiet and fuel-efficient
  • Wide choice of Honda outboard motors
  • Stylish silver design
  • Quiet and fuel-efficient

Discover our range of used Honda outboard motors!

Honda outboard motor

A Honda outboard motor guarantees powerful performance on the water. When designing Honda outboard models, design and looks are taken into account. That is why the Honda outboard motors are encased in brilliant silver and have a stylish appearance. The complete range provides a perfect mix of power, performance and design. In addition, there is the assurance of reliability. Every sailor feels comfortable on the water with a Honda outboard motor.

Honda outboard models: variation in the number of horsepower

Honda outboard models are available in all kinds of versions from your official and reliable Honda outboard motor dealer. We have a varied selection of new and second-hand outboard motors.

When choosing a new outboard motor, there are a number of aspects to take into account. One example is the number of horsepower that the Honda outboard motor must-have. This depends on the type of boat you have. For example, a large dinghy lies somewhat deeper in the water. Then you better choose a motor with a larger power compared to a small dinghy.

Control system, tail and alternator

For example, the control of the system, such as an electronically operated system, can also be taken into account. The type of tail also has an influence on making a choice for the best Honda outboard motor. For example, a version with a short tail is suitable for small boats, and a long tail offers a solution for a medium-sized boat. Furthermore, when buying a Honda outboard, it is possible to pay attention to the type of alternator, where there are variations in the charging capacity of the battery. One of the many advantages of Honda outboards is that they are both quiet and economical to run. This saves money and reduces engine noise.

Maintenance of the Honda outboard motor

It is important to pay attention to maintenance for your Honda outboard motor to prolong its life and ensure safety. It is an unpleasant experience if the boat suddenly stops in the middle of open water. This can be prevented with an annual service of your Honda outboard motor. We have years of experience in the maintenance of Honda outboard motors and are happy to take this worry off your hands. The activities of a major service vary from changing the engine oil and tail oil to checking the ignition and replacing spark plugs. It is important not to skip maintenance if you want to go out on the water safely and securely.

Warranty for Honda outboard engines

When you buy a second-hand Honda outboard motor, you get the certainty of a reliable guarantee from us. This means that we offer you a standard guarantee for one complete sailing season when you buy a second-hand Honda outboard motor. That gives certainty, peace of mind and confidence. Because we know that, we only sell second-hand outboard motors that function properly. For example, we carefully check every used Honda outboard motor for defects. In addition, they are delivered ready to go and, if desired, we can install them in our own workshop.

Buying second hand Honda outboard motors

The range at your Honda outboard motor dealer offers a huge selection of second-hand models. Purchasing a second-hand Honda outboard motor is naturally much more economical. Moreover, you will always receive a properly functioning Honda outboard motor and a sailing season guarantee. With us, you also benefit from a personal delivery service with the delivery of the engine in the Netherlands within two working days. If you prefer to mount the engine to your boat, this is of course also possible if you transport the boat to our workshop in Ureterp. In that case, we will gladly mount the Honda outboard motor to the boat for you.

Order with or without trade-in

When you buy a new or second-hand Honda outboard motor, you can trade in your current outboard motor. If you do not have a trade-in engine, you can complete your order immediately. If you want to trade in a motor, we will be happy to provide you with a competitive deal and ask you to leave your contact details. We will then contact you within one working day. When you order, don’t forget to think about security as well? We offer you the opportunity to order an internationally certified outboard motor lock.

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