Let us introduce you to Mariner outboard motors! Just like Mercury, Mariner is part of Brunswick Marine and their outboard motors are known for their high cylinder capacity. So boating is also a pleasant experience at low speeds!

Typically American: rugged and relatively large
High performance at low speeds
Wide choice!

We have Mariner outboard motors to suit every water sports enthusiast!

Mariner outboard motors

Mariner is part of Brunswick Marine, a manufacturer of boats as well as outboard motors. It’s easy to see that the motor is of American origin: it’s large, rugged and has a high cylinder capacity. The advantage of this is that it makes boating a pleasant experience – even at lower speeds. Mariner outboard motors share a lot of similarities with Mercury motors and are produced in the same plant in Brunswick.

Used and new outboard motors

We stock a lot of Mariner models within our range. The used Mariner outboard motors that we sell come fully serviced and with a first-season warranty. So you can get out on the water safely straight away. Thinking about purchasing a new Mariner outboard motor? We can provide you with advice without obligation and our contacts with dealers mean that we can give you a competitive quote. Find out more about the possibilities open to you. Do you have an outboard motor that needs to be repaired or is due for a service before the season starts? Then contact us and we will see what we can do for you. Mariner gets you moving!

12 months warranty

When you purchase a used outboard motor, you get a 12 months warranty as standard.

Supplied ready for use

Our motors are carefully inspected for defects and are always supplied ready for use.

Europe wide delivery service

For just 250 euros, we will deliver your motor directly to your door (in Europe). Delivery time: 2-5 working days.

Mounting on your boat

At our workshop in Ureterp, we can mount the motor on your boat if required.

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