Looking for a new or used Yamaha outboard motor? As an official Yamaha dealer, we can always find a motor to suit any water sports enthusiast.

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Discover Yamaha: market leader in outboard motors

A Yamaha outboard motor stands for quality and durability. Innovative, quiet, clean and fast!

With a wide range of motors for both small and large boats, Yamaha is a popular brand among water sports enthusiasts. Is the Yamaha outboard motor used? Then there’s no cause for concern. Yamaha outboard motors are the most reliable and hold their value for a long time.

Wide range of models and options

Yamaha outboard motors are available in a wide range of models. The model and options you need will depend solely on your boat and your requirements.

Yamaha has an outboard motor with just 2.5 horsepower which is perfect for mounting on a small inflatable. Need more power? Yamaha has powerful outboard motors with up to 425 horsepower.

A deep boat will require an outboard motor with an extra-long shaft. Yamaha has these within its range, along with short shaft and long shaft models. Not sure which model you need? First of all, you should calculate the transom height of your boat. Measure from the mounting point of the motor to the bottom. Is the transom height around 43 centimetres? Then you need a short shaft. If it is 51 centimetres, you will need a long shaft and if it is 63 centimetres, an extra-long shaft.

The steering system will also depend on the type of boat you have. Do you use a steering wheel or rudder to steer your boat? Then you need a remote control system. If you steer your boat manually, then you should look for a Yamaha outboard motor with tiller-handle steering.

Naturally, an outboard motor must also meet your own personal requirements. Yamaha outboard motors can have electric or manual start, depending on your preference. In addition, some models have a power trim and handy buttons for adjusting the trim angle of your motor in order to guarantee the stability of your boat and achieve a higher speed.

As an official Yamaha dealer, we offer the biggest selection of Yamaha outboard motors. All our Yamaha models can be found in our web shop. Simply choose a motor with characteristics that suit your boat and requirements. Not quite sure which motor to choose? We will be happy to help you make your selection.

About maintenance of Yamaha motors

Yamaha has the most reliable outboard motors. But do you want peace of mind every season when you get out on the water? Then it is advisable to have your outboard motor serviced every year.

This will prolong its service life significantly and minor defects can be rectified promptly, keeping repair costs relatively low. Has your Yamaha outboard motor broken down? We can also repair your Yamaha outboard motor. Contact us to find out about our services.

Warranty on new and used motors

Our used Yamaha outboard motors come fully serviced and with a first-season warranty. When you purchase a new Yamaha, you even get a 2+1 year manufacturer’s warranty. So you can be assured that you have bought a good Yamaha product.

About Outboard Occasions

Are you looking for a new or used Yamaha outboard motor? Then you need look no further than the Netherlands’ outboard motor specialist. We are an official Yamaha outboard motor dealer and offer the full range of Yamaha outboard motors.

As an official Yamaha dealer, we know Yamaha outboard motors inside out. That also means that we are every bit as reliable as your beloved outboard motor. We have all the knowledge needed to provide you with good advice in-house. Discover our complete range of Yamaha outboard motors.

First-season warranty

When you purchase a used outboard motor, you get a first-season warranty as standard.

Supplied ready for use

Our motors are carefully inspected for defects and are always supplied ready for use.

Europe wide delivery service

For just 250 euros, we will deliver your motor directly to your door (in Europe). Delivery time: 2-5 working days.

Mounting on your boat

At our workshop in Ureterp, we can mount the motor on your boat if required.

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