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Looking for a new or used Yamaha outboard motor? As an official Yamaha dealer, we can always find a motor to suit any water sports enthusiast.

  • Official Yamaha dealer
  • New and used Yamaha outboard motors
  • Market leader in outboard motors
  • Official Yamaha dealer
  • New and used Yamaha outboard motors
  • Market leader in outboard motors

A selection of the Yamaha motors we offer

Discover the Yamaha Outboard motor

Yamaha outboard motors are well known in the world of water sports. The popular brand offers a wide range of outboard motors for both large and small boats. We at Outboard Occasions are official Yamaha outboard motor dealers. We do not only sell new outboard motors, but we also offer a large range of used Yamaha outboard motors. The outboard motor of Yamaha is seen as one of the most reliable engines and has retained its value for a long time. That is why we can guarantee that you will buy a good working outboard motor from us, used or second-hand.

A Yamaha outboard motor stands for quality and durability. Innovative, quiet, clean and fast! Take a look at our offer!

Yamaha outboard models

Yamaha offers different types of outboard motors. Which model and which options you need depends entirely on your boat and your wishes. As mentioned before, Yamaha offers outboards for both small and large boats. You can buy a Yamaha outboard motor from 2.5 hp. You can use this for a small dinghy, for example. Are you looking for more power? Yamaha has outboard motors up to 425 hp.

When buying an outboard motor, it is important to know what kind of model you need. Within the outboard motors, there are motors with different shaft lengths. You can choose from a short tail, long tail and extra-long tail. For example, a deep boat needs an outboard with an extra-long tail. Yamaha has all these types of outboard motors in their assortment. Not sure which model you need? Then first calculate the transom height of your boat. You can do this by measuring from the point where the engine hangs down to the bottom. Is the transom height around 43 centimetres? Then you need a short tail. At a length of 51 centimetres, you need a long tail, and at a length of 63 centimetres, an extra-long tail. Do you find it difficult to determine which shaft length your boat has? Please contact us; we are happy to help.

In addition to the shaft length, it is also important to determine which control system you need for your Yamaha outboard. This also depends on the type of boat you have. If you steer with a steering wheel or a rudder, you will need a remote control. If you steer by hand, then you will need a Yamaha outboard with tiller steering.

Build your own Yamaha outboard

When buying an outboard motor, you should, of course, also think about your personal wishes. Yamaha outboard motors can be started electrically or manually. This depends on your preference. In addition, some outboard motors have a power trim. With a powertrim, you can easily adjust the trim angle of your engine with buttons. This ensures a stable positioning of the boat and more speed!

Official Yamaha Outboard Dealer

As an official Yamaha outboard motor dealer, we have the largest range of Yamaha outboard motors. On our webshop, you will find all Yamaha models. You can easily choose which characteristics of the engine will fit your boat and your wishes. Not quite sure? We will gladly think along with you.

Yamaha outboard motor maintenance

As mentioned before, Yamaha has the most reliable outboard motors. But still, maintenance of an outboard motor is important, so you can get back on the water with confidence every season. You can arrange the maintenance of your outboard motor with us. Annual maintenance on your Yamaha outboard motor will significantly increase the life span of your outboard. Because of the knowledge of our mechanics, we can assure you that your outboard is in good hands. Also, in case of breakdown, you can come to us with your outboard motor.

Warranty on new and used Yamaha outboard motors

Our second hand Yamaha outboard motors are provided with maintenance service and a sailing season warranty. When you buy a new Yamaha outboard motor, you even get three years factory warranty. So you know for sure that you buy a good Yamaha product. Do you want to trade in your old outboard motor? That is also possible with us! We like to take over your old outboard motor at a reasonable price.

Used Yamaha outboard motors

Are you looking for a new or a second-hand Yamaha outboard motor? Then at Outboard Occasions, you are at the right address. We are the outboard motor specialist in the Netherlands and an official Yamaha outboard motor dealer. On our webshop, you can take a look at our complete range of Yahama outboard motors.

As an official Yamaha outboard motor dealer, we know the Yamaha outboard motor inside out. That also means we are just as reliable as your beloved outboard motor. We have all the knowledge to advise you properly. Quickly discover our complete range of Yamaha outboard motors!

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