Are you looking for reliability and performance? Then you should choose a Mercury outboard motor. The secret of Mercury motors lies under the stylish black hood: innovative technology for quiet and fuel-efficient performance.

Unprecedented pleasure on the water with Mercury
Wide range from 2.5 to 350 horsepower
The Netherlands’ leading outboard motor specialist!

Mercury outboard motors: powerful, quiet and fuel-efficient

Mercury outboard motors are clean and reliable. And that’s not all: they are extremely fuel-efficient!

Want to achieve high top speeds? With a Mercury outboard motor, you will fly effortlessly across the water. With fast acceleration, you can reach top speed in no time.

Wide choice of models

You will find a wide choice of models in our web shop. Mercury has outboard motors ranging from 2.5 horsepower which will propel an inflatable at a decent rate of knots up to 350 horsepower for larger boats.

Choose the right steering system for your boat. Mercury has outboard motors with tiller-handle steering and with remote controlled steering. You will need the latter if you steer your boat using a steering wheel or rudder. And that’s not all. Are you looking for an outboard motor with power trim or a motor for commercial use? Mercury has these too.

Mercury outboard motors are available with various shaft lengths: short shaft, long shaft and extra-long shaft. The shaft length you need will depend on the transom height of your boat. Don’t know the transom height? Measure from the bottom of the boat to the mounting point of the motor. If it is around 43 centimetres, you will need a short shaft; if it is 51 centimetres, you will need a long shaft and if it is 63 centimetres, you will need an extra-long shaft.

You will find a lot of these models within our selection of Mercury outboard motors.

Maintain and service outboard motors for a long service life

It is the most natural thing in the world for a car to be serviced regularly. Servicing is just as important for an outboard motor.

If your Mercury outboard motor is serviced every year, its service life will be prolonged considerably. In addition, defects will have less chance to get out of hand and cause major damage.

That’s because besides routine maintenance tasks, we also tackle minor defects in good time, keeping repair costs relatively low.

Mercury outboard motors

If you purchase a used Mercury outboard motor from us, then you can be sure that you have bought a quality product. We carefully inspect all motors on arrival.

You can also purchase a new Mercury outboard motor from us. Contact us to discuss the possibilities open to you.

Do you have a Mercury outboard motor that needs to be repaired or is due for a service? Again, if that is the case, you can contact us to find out about our services. We know Mercury outboard motors inside out.

Warranty on new and used motors

When you purchase a used Mercury outboard motor, you get a first-season warranty as standard. We ensure that you won’t have anything to worry about when you get out on the water.

First-season warranty

When you purchase a used outboard motor, you get a first-season warranty as standard.

Supplied ready for use

Our motors are carefully inspected for defects and are always supplied ready for use.

Europe wide delivery service

For just 250 euros, we will deliver your motor directly to your door (in Europe). Delivery time: 2-5 working days.

Mounting on your boat

At our workshop in Ureterp, we can mount the motor on your boat if required.

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