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Are you looking for reliability and performance? Then you should choose a Mercury outboard motor. The secret of Mercury motors lies under the stylish black hood: innovative technology for quiet and fuel-efficient performance.

  • Unprecedented pleasure on the water with Mercury
  • Wide range from 2.5 to 350 horsepower
  • The Netherlands’ leading outboard motor specialist!

Mercury outboard motor

A Mercury outboard motor stands for a brand that combines reliability, power and efficiency. The development of Mercury outboards is focused on the application of innovative features. The future-oriented technology is hidden under a black hood with a stylish design and provides unprecedented performance on the water. All this without any noise pollution, because the applied technology in a Mercury outboard motor makes your boat run quietly and economically. If you are looking for a powerful outboard motor that really performs and is reliable, take a look at our range of new and used Mercury outboards.

Mercury outboard dealer

Mercury is a brand that produces the best marine products and offers quality in every respect. This also applies to sales, where the best dealers are involved. We are an official Mercury outboard motor dealer and fully equipped for sales and maintenance to provide optimal boating pleasure.

Mercury outboard models

In our webshop, there are various Mercury outboard models available for all kinds of boating pleasure. For example, it is already possible to buy a Mercury outboard motor of 2.5 hp. This makes it possible to sail in a rubber dinghy at a limited speed. Of course, our range also includes Mercury outboard motors with more horsepower up to 350 hp. When buying an outboard motor, it is useful to check what is stated on your dinghy. Usually, this states the number of horsepower it should have. For safety reasons, it is important not to exceed this number.

Operating system

In addition to the variation in the number of horsepower, there is also a wide choice when it comes to the control system. Mercury provides several control systems, such as an outboard motor with stick control or with remote control. A remote control system is only necessary when steering a boat with a rudder or steering wheel. There are even more options, such as the possibility of buying an outboard motor with a working engine or with a power trim.

Variation in tail lengths

The Mercury outboard models also provide various tail lengths. View the complete range and choose from models with a short tail, long tail or extra long tail. The transom height determines which length of the tail is required and can be measured from the bottom of your boat to the place where the engine is attached. At a transom height of about 43 cm, a short tail is suitable; a long tail is applicable at about 51 cm and an extra-long tail at 63 cm.

Mercury outboard motor maintenance

With proper maintenance of a Mercury outboard motor, you will benefit from an extra-long life. It is also safer to sail when you are assured of a well-maintained outboard motor. For example, you will reduce the chance of stalling on open water if there is proper maintenance. We, therefore, recommend that you maintain your Mercury outboard motor every year. Our specialists have extensive expertise in the field of maintenance, and we will be pleased to carry out the annual service and any repairs for you.

Mercury outboard warranty

When you buy a second-hand Mercury outboard motor, you get a full guarantee for one season. So you can go on the water carefree. Moreover, we deliver second-hand Mercury outboard motors in good condition. For example, we always check engines for defects, so that you can be sure of a properly functioning outboard motor. Extend the lifespan by outsourcing the annual maintenance to us.

When purchasing a new or second-hand outboard motor, you can also trade in your old outboard motor. We are happy to take over your old outboard motor at a reasonable price.

Second-hand Mercury outboard motors: delivered or assembled

When you buy a used Mercury outboard motor, you can choose to have it delivered, collected or assembled. Our personal delivery service has a delivery time of a maximum of two working days in the Netherlands. It is also possible to collect your order in Ureterp or for extra convenience to have the Mercury outboard motor assembled. We also offer you the opportunity to trade in your current outboard when you purchase it in order to save money. We provide a competitive deal, and all you have to do is give us your contact details. You will then hear from us within one working day. If you want to place an order without a trade-in, fill in the order form, and we will contact you to make an appointment for delivery.

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