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Italian outboard motors from Selva are known for their simple construction and low consumption. As the Netherlands’ leading outboard motor specialist, we always have a wide range of Selva motors to suit every water sports enthusiast!

  • Wide selection of Selva outboard motors
  • Italian design with a distinctive white hood
  • Since 1959

Selva, Italian design with the power of Yamaha

Milan-based Selva was founded in 1959 and is the last European manufacturer of outboard motors. Selva offers a full range of models and produces the smaller motors up to 9.9 horsepower inclusive in-house. Its bigger motors are built by Yamaha. What makes Selva outboard motors stand out are their white hood and compact design. If you are looking for a used or new Selva outboard motor, then let us help you make the right purchase! Discover our selection of outboard motors on our website. All used Selva outboard motors come both fully serviced as standard and with a first-season warranty. Having good contacts with dealers means that we can also supply new Selva outboard motors. Contact us to find out about the possibilities open to you.

Maintenance and repair of Selva outboard motors

We can also take care of the maintenance and repair of your outboard motor. And carry out repairs too. With our professional servicing, you won’t have anything to worry about when you get out on the water.