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Suzuki has produced a wide range of high-quality outboard motors since 1965. Suzuki outboard motors are characterised by their easy start system and low fuel consumption. We have a wide selection of used Suzuki outboard motors for you to choose from!

  • Modern Suzuki technology
  • Outboard motors since 1965
  • The Netherlands’ leading outboard motor specialist
  • Modern Suzuki technology
  • Outboard motors since 1965
  • The Netherlands’ leading outboard motor specialist

Suzuki outboard motor

Suzuki has been making outboard motors since the year 1965. Since that time, Suzuki has been one of the best when it comes to outboard motors. The modern technology under the bonnet combines Suzuki with a distinctive and stylish design. The electronic ignition and advanced fuel injection make it easy to start the outboard motor. Moreover, the fuel consumption is low. This is ideal for longer trips.

At Outboard Occasions, we sell new and used Suzuki outboard motors. With our knowledge, we can guarantee that you will buy a properly functioning Suzuki outboard motor from us, whether new or second-hand. Take a look at our offer!

Suzuki outboard models

Suzuki outboard motors come in different models. Which model you need depends entirely on your boat and your preferences. The Suzuki outboard motors that we offer are suitable for both small and large boats. This has to do with the power level of an outboard motor. Suzuki outboards are available from 2.5 hp. A 2 hp outboard motor can, for example, be used for a small dinghy. For the bigger stuff, Suzuki has outboards up to 300 hp.

Depending on the transom height of your boat, choose the tail length of the motor. Suzuki outboards come with a short tail, long tail and extra-long tail. To measure the transom height of your boat, you can measure from the point where the motor is attached to the bottom. The transom height then indicates what tail length your boat needs. At a length of 43 centimetres, you need a short tail, at a length of 51 centimetres, a long tail, and at a length of 63 centimetres, an extra-long tail. Do you find it difficult to determine which shaft length your boat has? Then please contact us, we will be happy to help.

In addition, it is also important to look closely at what kind of steering system your Suzuki outboard requires. Do you steer with a steering wheel or a rudder? Then you need a remote control. Do you steer by hand? Then an outboard with club control is suitable. We also offer outboard motors with a power trim. A power trim gives the boat a more stable position and more speed.

Maintenance Suzuki outboard motor

In order to enjoy your Suzuki outboard motor for as long as possible, it is important that you maintain it properly. At Outboard Occasions, we know Suzuki outboard motors inside and out. That is why you can come to us for the maintenance of your Suzuki outboard motor. By having an annual maintenance service carried out, we can remedy small defects at an early stage. This keeps maintenance costs relatively low.

You can also come to us for the repair of your Suzuki outboard motor. Our mechanics will do their utmost to get you sailing again as soon as possible.

Official Suzuki Outboard Dealer

Are you convinced, and do you want to buy a Suzuki outboard motor? In our webshop, you will find a large assortment of Suzuki models. From second-hand motors to brand new ones. Simply choose the best outboard motor that meets your wishes.

Warranty for new and used Suzuki outboards

Have you found a new Suzuki outboard motor? That comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. But also, when you buy second-hand Suzuki outboards, you can be sure that you will make safe trips this sailing season. The second-hand outboard motors that we sell are always serviced and come with a boating season warranty.

When purchasing a new or second-hand outboard motor, you can also trade in your old outboard motor. We are happy to take over your old outboard motor at a reasonable price.

Used Suzuki outboard motors

We are the outboard motor specialist in the Netherlands with a large and varied stock of Suzuki outboard motors. Every water sports enthusiast who is looking for a fully-fledged second-hand or new outboard motor has come to the right place. As a Suzuki dealer, we specialise in everything to do with Suzuki outboard motors.

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