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Standard 6 year warranty on all new engines. 12 month warranty on used outboard motors.

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Outboard Occasions is Europe’s leading outboard motor specialist. We have everything that you could possibly need for your outboard motor in-house. A large stock of used and new motors, but also technical specialists for maintenance and repair of your motor.

Maintenance, servicing & repair

It is important for your outboard motor to be serviced regularly. During a professional service, our technicians will subject your motor to an in-depth inspection. So you won’t have anything to worry about when you get out on the water!

Exchange your outboard motor

Looking for your next outboard motor? Get a great deal and trade in your old used outboard motor quickly and easily. We will give you a fair trade-in price within one working day.

Official Yamaha Dealer

As an official dealer for Yamaha outboard motors, we meet the high standards of the popular brand. You can come to us if you are looking to purchase a used or new Yamaha motor.

Buy a used outboard motor

If you’re looking for the best used outboard motor, Outboard Occasions is the right shop to come to! Our extensive knowledge and experience combined with our large network ensure that we offer excellent used outboard motors. The used outboard motors we offer, are available in various power levels, shaft lengths and steering- and starting systems. You can also trade in your own used outboard motor here. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding purchasing an outboard motor.

When you’re looking to buy an outboard motor, it’s important to know that not all outboards are the same. Also, not every motor can be used on the same boat. Before purchasing an outboard motor, you need to find out which engine you need for your boat. To find out, you first need to determine whether you need a short shaft (normal shaft), long shaft, or XL shaft. The shaft length you require depends on the transom height of your boat. You can find the transom height by measuring the back of the boat from where the engine rests, to the ground. If you want to know which shaft fits your boat, it is best to use these divisions:

+/- 43 cm: short shaft (normal shaft)
+/- 51 cm: long long shaft
+/- 63 cm: extra long XL shaft

If you’re having trouble with measuring the shaft length, please contact us. We’re happy to help you find the outboard motor you need for your boat.

In the selection of our outboards, you can choose more options in addition to those mentioned above. This is because it is also important to determine which steering system you need. If you control the engine by hand, you will need a tiller control, but if you need a steering wheel or rudder, you should choose a remote control. We, as a supplier of outboard motors, make sure that you can easily choose the selection in the menu of our webshop. So whatever outboard motor you need, you can find it easily.

In some cases, you need a smaller and cheaper outboard motor for your boat. Well, at Outboard Occasions, we can help you with that. We offer different sizes of outboard engines, so we also have small and affordable outboard motors. After all, an outboard motor doesn’t always have to be expensive and big. The most important thing is to find the right motor for the right boat. Take a look at our webshop and find the perfect motor for your needs!

Outboard motors from top brands

Are you looking for an outboard motor, or would you like to have your outboard repaired? Then Outboard Occasions is the place to go. We can help you with the purchase, maintenance and repair of your outboard motor. With the help of our experienced team of specialist, we can assure that you will find an outboard engine that suits your boat perfectly. We have outboard motors for sale from different brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, Evinrude, Tohatsu, and more! Take a look at our offer!

When you’re shopping for a new outboard motor, there are several additional options you can choose for your outboard. One of these options is the power trim. The power trim makes it easy to adjust the trim corner of your powerboat. When your outboard motor is in an optimal trim corner, you can accelerate faster and have more speed. Ask our experts about the possibilities of power trim. We have a lot of knowledge and experience with every type of engine, so we can always help you.

The range of new and used outboard motors we offer at Outboard Occasions is extremely large. Before you buy a used outboard motor for your boat, you should know what the requirements are for your boat. At Outboard Occasions, we can help you determine which outboard engine is best for your boat. With our knowledge and experience, we can assure you that you’ll get the best outboard engine for your boat.

When you already have an outboard motor and you want a new one, you can also trade in your old outboard motor here. We are experts in used outboards and are happy to buy your outboard motor. Within one working day you will receive a fair estimate from your outboard motor expert! Any type of outboard engine can be traded in. As a large shop for outboard motors, we offer outboard motors from different brands like YamahaSuzukiEvinrudeTohatsu, and more! Take a look at our offers!

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