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Lighter, less vulnerable and better suited for prolonged periods of inactivity. A summary of the benefits of a 2-stroke outboard motor. You still see this type of motor on a lot of sailing boats. Let us introduce our range of 2-stroke outboard motors!

  • Ideal motor for sailing boats
  • Lighter and less vulnerable than a 4-stroke
  • First-season warranty
  • Ideal motor for sailing boats
  • Lighter and less vulnerable than a 4-stroke
  • First-season warranty

Discover our varied selection of 2-stroke outboard motors

What is a 2-stroke outboard motor?

When you need to buy a new outboard engine for your boat, it’s critical to know what kind of outboard you need. What kind of outboard you require, depends on the boat you have and what your preferences are for an outboard engine. One of the outboard engines you can choose, is the 2-stroke outboard motor.

The 2-stroke outboard motor has a relatively simple design that completes its power cycle in just two strokes of the piston, which makes the engine very powerful. Because the 2-stroke engine doesn’t use valves to regulate the fuel/air intake or exhaust gas exit, it has fewer moving parts, which makes the engine smaller and lighter.

2-stroke outboard for sale

Like mentioned before, the 2-stroke outboard motor completes its power cycle in just to strokes of the piston. The 2-stroke engine blends oils with gasoline. When the fuel goes through the engine, it consumes small amounts of oil for lubrication. This process makes it not necessary to change the oil because the oil is continuously injected in the engine. All you have to do is to maintain the oil reservoir that’s either located on the engine or the boat. Because there are fewer parts on a 2-stroke outboard, these engines are easier to maintain.

Why choose for a 2-stroke outboard

The 2-stroke outboard motors are known for their fast acceleration, size, portability, and light weight. A 2-stroke engine generates more power than a 4-stroke engine because it only uses two piston strokes to generate one revolution of crankshaft power. This feature gives a 2-stroke engine a better top-end speed and acceleration. This, and the size of the outboard, makes 2-strokes ideal for use on smaller boats. Next to that, 2-stroke engines are less vulnerable and better suited for prolonged periods of inactivity. Ideal for mounting on your sailing boat because relatively little use will be made of the motor. In addition, 2-stroke motors are more robust and therefore better suited for the acceleration of a boat.

Just like every machine, the 2-stroke outboard also has some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage to 2-stroke engines is the higher emission they provide. Because of their design, much of the engine oil is burned with the fuel and leaves the engine in the form of harmful hydrocarbon emissions. Next to that, 2-stoke outboard motor have a higher fuel consumption and are a bit noisier than 4-stroke outboards.

Maintenance and repairs of 2-stroke outboards

It’s important for your 2-stroke outboard motor to be maintained and serviced. When it occurs that your outboard needs a repair, we can help you with that. With the help of our specialised mechanics, we can assure you that your 2-stroke outboard will be taken care of properly. During a professional service, our technicians will subject your motor to an in-depth inspection.

Does your outboard engine require any maintenance or repair? Please contact us, we will help you get your outboard motor fixed before the next sailing season!

 Our 2-stroke engines offer

At Outboard Occasions, we offer a varied range of 2-stroke motors from well-known brands such as Yamaha, Suzuki and Evinrude. Our motors are carefully inspected for defects and are always supplied ready for use. When you purchase a used outboard motor, you get a first-season warranty as standard. That is the service that you can expect from the Netherlands’ leading outboard motor specialist!