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Discover the biggest selection of new and used Outboard motors in Europe.

From sailing boats to speedboats and for private and professional use. We stock outboard motors to suit any water sports enthusiast.

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Outboard Occasions is the Netherlands’ leading outboard motor specialist. We have everything that you could possibly need for your outboard motor in-house. A large stock of used and new motors but also technical specialists for maintenance and repair of your motor.

Maintenance, servicing and repairs

It is important for your outboard motor to be serviced regularly. During a professional service, our technicians will subject your motor to an in-depth inspection. So you won’t have anything to worry about when you get out on the water!

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Trading in your outboard motor

Looking for your next outboard motor? Get a great deal and trade in your old motor quickly and easily. We will give you a fair trade-in price within one working day.

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Official Yamaha dealer

As an official dealer for Yamaha outboard motors, we meet the high standards of the popular brand. You can come to us if you are looking to purchase a used or new Yamaha motor.

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We're here to help you find the right outboard motor for you. We will provide you with appropriate advice based on your description within one working day.
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