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Do you have an outboard motor for your boat? Then consider accessories for your outboard motor as well. Accessories can provide more comfort, safety, and easier transport, among other things. Below, we explain what outboard accessories are available.

Outboard brackets

An outboard motor bracket offers several advantages. Firstly, it can reduce the draft of your boat. The outboard bracket adds extra displacement, which provides additional buoyancy and helps support the weight of the outboard motor. Additionally, the outboard motor can be mounted higher on the bracket than it could be directly on the transom. This higher mounting position reduces drag, which can help to increase the speed and efficiency of your boat.

Outboard trolleys

outboard trolley

Are you tired of lifting your outboard motor while transporting or storing it? With an outboard trolley, that lifting is a thing of the past. You can easily place the outboard motor on the trolley. All you have to do is steer the trolley. All in all, a trolley is an ideal outboard motor support. Note: the outboard motor trolley may only be suitable for an outboard motor up to a maximum weight.

Lock for outboard motor

lock for outboard motor

Did you store your boat and outboard motor in a public place? Then there is a higher chance that your outboard motor will get stolen. Every year, a significant number of outboard motors are stolen. A lock for your outboard motor ensures that your outboard motor is safer and will less likely be stolen.

Outboard fuel tanks

outboard fuel tank

Are you planning on a long boat trip or do you have an outboard motor with limited fuel capacity? Then an outboard fuel tank is the ideal accessory for you. You can fill it up with gasoline and take it with you during your (long) boat trip. This way, you can always refuel your outboard motor with gasoline if you run out.

Outboard stands

An outboard stand is very handy for storing your outboard motor. If you need to repair your outboard motor, you can put it on the outboard stand while doing so. It can be very useful when you are a handy person yourself.

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