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Quality and durability were always a high priority for Johnson and its motors are still delivering great performance on the water! No new Johnson motors have been developed since 2008 and Johnson was succeeded by Evinrude.

  • A household name in water sports since 1921
  • Part of Bombardier Recreational Products
  • Great performance!
  • A household name in water sports since 1921
  • Part of Bombardier Recreational Products
  • Great performance!

Johnson outboard motors and BRP

The American Johnson, like Evinrude, became part of the Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) company in 2001. This company develops various mechanically driven vehicles. Since 2008, no new Johnson outboard motors have been sold, as BRP wants to focus solely on developing Evinrude outboard motors. Nevertheless, Johnson outboards are still in circulation and you can still see the recognisable white hood a lot on the waterside. Quality and durability have always been highly valued by Johnson.

In our offer you will therefore still find Johnson outboard motors, but we also have a diverse range of Evinrude motors that can be seen as the successor to Johnson. All Johnson outboards that we sell are serviced. In addition, we offer a boating season warranty. This allows you to enjoy cruising with a full-fledged Johnson outboard motor!

Types of outboard motors

At Outboard Occasions you can find different types of outboard motors. Which outboard motor you need depends on your boat, but also on your wishes. Outboard motors with a lower power such as 2.5 or 5 HP are suitable for somewhat smaller boats. Are you looking for an outboard motor with more power? Then we also have outboard motors of 300 hp. Are you specifically looking for a Johsnon outboard motor with a certain power? Then contact us, so we can help.

Would you like to buy a second hand Johnson outboard motor? Then it is important to know what kind of outboard motor you need. This is because outboard motors are available in different tail lengths. To determine which tail length your boat needs, you can easily calculate the mirror height of your boat. You can do this by measuring from the point where the motor hangs on, to the bottom. Did you measure a transom height of about 43 centimetres? Then you need a short tail. With a transom height of about 51 centimetres, a long tail is suitable. Finally, there is an extra long tail. You will need this if you have measured a mirror height of 63 cm. If you find it difficult to determine the transom height of your boat, we can help you. Please feel free to contact us.

After you have determined the tail length for your outboard, it is also useful to consider which control system you would like to use for your Johnson outboard. Again, this depends on what type of boat you have. If you steer with a steering wheel or rudder, you’ll need a remote control. If you steer by hand, you’ll need a stick operated outboard motor.

Assembling a Johnson Outboard

When it comes to choosing an outboard motor, it’s important to keep your own needs in mind. Depending on your preference, you can choose from Johnson outboard motors with an electric start or a manual start. In addition, Johnson outboards are also available with a powertrim. A powertrim is a tool that allows you to easily adjust the motor’s trim angle. This gives your boat a more stable position and the power trim provides more speed.

Maintaining a Johnson outboard motor

If you want to keep your Johnson outboard motor for a long time, it is important that you maintain it properly. We recommend an annual service for your outboard motor. This will significantly extend the life of your Johnson outboard motor. For maintenance and repairs of your Johnson outboard motor, you’ve come to the right place. We ensure that you can use your boat every season with confidence. Thanks to the knowledge of our mechanics and specialists, we can assure you that your Johnson outboard motor is in good hands. Even in the event of a breakdown, we can help you with your outboard motor.

Warranty for used Johnson outboard motors

When you buy a used Johnson outboard, we’ll give you a one-year warranty. In addition, we ensure that the outboard motor has been serviced before you receive it. We are also the right place for you to trade in your old outboard motor. We are happy to take over your old outboard motor at a reasonable price.

Second-hand Johnson outboard motors

Outboard Occasions is the outboard motor specialist in the Netherlands, with a large and varied stock of different outboard motors, including Johnson outboard motors. Whether you are a water sports enthusiast or just have a boat for recreation, you can always come to us for a new or second-hand outboard engine. Browse our web shop for the available models, or plan a visit to our shop.

Are you looking for an outboard motor of another brand? Then take a look at the outboard motors of our other leading brands, such as Selva, Tohatsu and Evinrude.