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Are you going out on the water with your boat soon and do you need a new outboard motor? At Outboard Occasions you will find new and second-hand outboard motors for different types of boats. The most common fuel tank for an outboard motor is gasoline. But electric is also becoming more and more popular. What are the features and benefits?

Petrol outboard motor

A petrol outboard motor is often used for boats that make long trips or want to reach high speeds. This is because a petrol outboard motor is extremely suitable for this. But petrol is also widely used for normal pleasure boating.

Advantages of a petrol fuel tank

  • Gasoline is the most commonly used fuel tank and suitable for almost any boat.
  • A gasoline outboard motor is powerful.
  • Gasoline is easy to refill on the go.
  • There is a lot of choice in power.
  • If you want to sail extra long, you can expand the fuel tank with an extra external petrol tank.

There are not only advantages to a petrol outboard motor. For example, as a petrol engine ages, it requires more maintenance. In addition, an outboard motor with a gasoline fuel tank produces stench, smoke and noise.

All our petrol outboard motors can be found on our motor overview page.

Electric outboard motor

Electric outboard motors are becoming more and more common. An electric outboard motor is an outboard motor that runs on electricity instead of gasoline. The power is supplied by a battery. The electric motors are suitable for medium-sized boats and large boats. Whether your boat qualifies for an electric outboard motor depends on the thrust. An electric motor has a thrust of 70 to 750 LBS. If your boat needs more, a petrol outboard motor is more convenient.

Advantages of an electric outboard motor

An electric outboard motor has a number of advantages.

  • The electric outboard motor does not emit harmful gases, making it environmentally friendly.
  • It is more economical due to the low maintenance costs.
  • The electric outboard motor is odor-free.
  • The electric motor is whisper quiet.
  • An electric motor can be used anywhere, because it complies with all emission regulations.

There are also disadvantages to an electric outboard motor. For example, the battery life is limited, the motor is less powerful and charging the battery takes a relatively long time.

You can find our electric outboard motors on our motor overview page.

Sailing with a petrol or electric outboard motor

Which fuel tank is best for an outboard motor depends on your boat and your wishes. In general, it is best to sail with a petrol outboard motor. This is because petrol is suitable for all types of boats, can reach high speeds and allows you to sail as long as you want.

An electric outboard motor would be suitable for sailing in inner cities, for quiet rides and shorter distances. Most electric outboard motors can sail for about 4 to 5 hours at half throttle, so you cannot sail all day. However, with an electric motor you can be sure that you are sailing completely emission-free. And that is a nice feeling in cities with strict environmental requirements.

Would you like to know more about the fuel of an outboard motor and which is the best option for you? Please contact us. We are happy to help you.

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