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Your outboard motor needs occasional maintenance. Maintenance is important to keep the engine running properly, to ensure safety and to extend the life of your outboard motor. Performing regular maintenance reduces the chance of problems. How often you need maintenance and which maintenance is best to perform depends on a number of aspects.

When does your outboard motor need maintenance?

Do you use your outboard motor on a normal basis? Then it is sufficient to have a minor maintenance service carried out once a year (or after 100 operating hours) and a major maintenance service once every three years. If you sail more intensively, you can schedule maintenance on your outboard motor more often.

It is best to perform maintenance on your outboard motor in the autumn, after the sailing season. This way you can store your outboard motor like new again.


The maintenance your outboard motor needs depends on the maintenance (major or minor), the intensity of your sailing behavior and any defects. It is usually not necessary to check or replace all parts every year. The activities below are important to check and/or replace annually.

1 Oil and oil filter

The most important thing to start with is changing the engine oil. The oil filter also needs to be replaced. Don’t forget to change the tail oil. You can change the tail oil by loosening the screws and letting the old oil drain out. Then fill the tail again from the bottom until it runs out at the top. Then tighten the top screw first and then the bottom one.

2 Cleaning the outboard motor

What is important and something you can easily do yourself is keeping your outboard motor clean. An engine that is not cleaned will eventually rust. This corrosion affects your engine. So regularly remove nets, leaves and other dirt from your motorcycle.

Also pay special attention to the cooling water inlet when cleaning the engine. The inlet grille must be clean so that the engine can suck in water. A clogged intake can cause the engine to overheat.

3 Anodes

Don’t forget to check the anodes on the tailpiece and the anodes on the cooling channels. If there is less than half of this left (about 30%), replace them with new anodes.

4 Propeller

It is also always important to check the propeller for damage. Damage can affect the oil seal of the propeller shaft. You can disassemble the propeller shaft where necessary and lubricate it with grease.

5 Fuel, fuel filter and fuel tank

When the sailing season is over, it is important to first remove all the fuel from the pipes of your outboard motor. You do this by closing the fuel tap and letting the engine run until it stops. Fuel only has a shelf life of a few weeks, which means it can cause corrosion. Then always check the fuel tank for dirt.

After checking the fuel and the fuel tank, it is useful to check the fuel filter. It is important that there is no blockage or dirt in it. If your filter is saturated, replace it with a new one.

6 Cooling jet

If you have sailed on salt water, it is important to flush the cooling water system with fresh water. Also remove any salt residue, as this can cause deposits.

7 Pivot points

Finally, grease all pivot points with a grease gun.

Store the outboard motor after maintenance

Do you want to store your outboard motor during the winter period, but you don’t have the space yourself? You can use our winter storage. This way you no longer have to worry about it until the sailing season starts again. You can use our winter storage for a rate of only €35 per season.

Costs for outboard motor maintenance

It is a frequently asked question: how much does outboard motor maintenance cost? Unfortunately, there is no fixed price for this. It completely depends on what kind of maintenance you have carried out and whether anything needs to be replaced. The age and operating hours of the engine often also play a role.

Would you like to know what maintenance on your outboard motor will cost you? Please contact us.

Would you rather outsource maintenance?

Would you rather outsource the maintenance of your outboard motor? Then have your engine maintained by the expert mechanics of Outboard Occasions. We ensure that your outboard motor gets the attention and service it needs. Whether it is a Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Tohatsu or another outboard motor brand; We can handle all brands and we have original parts for all brands. This way you no longer have to worry about it yourself. You can contact us for maintenance from September to February, but repairs are also part of our service.

Do you have any questions about our services or your outboard motor? Please feel free to contact us. Or make an appointment immediately for your outboard motor maintenance.

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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to common questions. Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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  • How much does maintenance cost for an outboard motor?
    A minor maintenance service costs less than a major maintenance service. The costs of maintenance also depend on any repairs or defects. It is therefore impossible to say in advance what the exact costs will be. You can always contact us for an estimate.
  • How often do outboard motor maintenance?
    It is wise to schedule a minor maintenance service annually (or after 100 operating hours) and a major maintenance service once every three years. Unless you have previously had defects or emergencies. Even if you don't sail much, it is useful to have your outboard motor checked annually.
  • Outboard motor does not start after winter?
    Are you trying to start your outboard motor after the winter, but it no longer starts? There is a good chance that this is due to old gasoline. Gasoline that is more than four weeks old causes blockages in pipes and possibly in the carburetor.
  • How many hours can an outboard motor last?
    With a modern 4-stroke outboard engine you can assume an interval of 100 operating hours after the engine requires maintenance. If you do not sail much, it is useful to have your outboard motor maintained at least annually.