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Are you looking for a new 6 hp outboard motor for your boat? You’ll find one at Outboard Occasions! We offer a large assortment of 6 hp outboard engines. With our knowledge and experience in outboard motors, you can be sure that you’re buying a 6 hp outboard motor of the best quality. Because of our extensive collection, we are confident we can help you find a 6 hp outboard engine that will be suitable for your boat. Check out our webshop for our 6 hp outboard motors!

6 hp outboard Motors from Different Brands

Our collection of 6 hp outboard engines can offer you motors from different large brands. We offer 6 hp outboard engines from brands like Yamaha, Honda and Tohatsu. These are the brands that are leaders in the world of outboard motors. Before selling our outboard motors, our expert mechanics give the engines a check. In this way, we can supply 6 hp outboard motors of top-quality. With our mechanics’ expertise, we can ensure you that you will always receive the best possible help with maintenance, repairs, and your purchase. You can ask us for advice to choose the best 6 hp outboard motor for your boat.

6 hp Outboard Motor Prices

When you’re buying a 6 hp outboard engine, you can make it as expensive if you want. The price of a 6 hp outboard motor can differ and depends on a few factors. At first, there will be a price difference in buying a new or a used 6 hp outboard engine. Choosing for a 2-stroke engine or a 4-stroke engine can also give you higher or lower costs. Next to that, the brand of the motor can affect the price. Some brands are cheaper than others. The factors mentioned above are some you can keep in mind when buying a new outboard motor. But the most important thing you have to think about when buying a 6 hp outboard motor is it fits with your boat. If you’re not entirely sure which engine is suitable for your boat, our team of experts can always help you.

Test Before You Buy!

Before you buy a new 6 hp outboard motor, you want to make sure it works well. At Outboard Occasions, we’re happy to make the motor start running, so you can first test the engine before you buy it. During the test, you can see the 6 hp engine run through its paces. With this test, you can perfectly see how the motor is working to know what you’re buying. Next to that, when you buy a 6 hp outboard engine, you will get a one-year warranty with it. So if something happens, you can always give us a call, and we will help you fix it!

Buy Your Used 6 hp Outboard Motor

If you have an old 6 hp outboard engine, and you would like to get a new one, you can come to Outboard Occasions. Here you can trade-in your old outboard motor. With the experience of our staff, you will be sure to get a reasonable price for your engine. Next to that, we can also help you with the purchase of a new 6 hp outboard. At Outboard Occasions, we’re happy to help you find a suitable 6 hp outboard engine for your boat! Here you can find everything you need in one place.