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✓As a supplier of 3 hp outboards, Outboard Occasions is ready for users of a slightly smaller boat. We offer a wide range of 3 hp outboards, as we have a network throughout Europe. Our mechanics are very experienced and therefore ensure that your outboard is ready for immediate use after you purchase it. When you buy a new 3 hp outboard engine, you’ll get a boating season warranty on your motor. So, whenever you have trouble with your outboard, you can always contact us!

Outboard 3 hp prices

At Outboard Occasions, often get questions on what basis the price of a 3 hp outboard is determined. Several things influence this. Firstly, we look at how new the model in question is. Some models are more recent than others, and this can affect the price. Secondly, we look at the brand of the 3 hp outboard, because some brands are slightly more expensive than others. The last factor in determining the price has to do with the options you want on your outboard. You can choose a short shaft (regular shaft), long shaft or XL shaft. The shaft length is an essential factor in determining the price of an outboard motor.

3 hp outboard test

Buying a 3 hp outboard is not something you do every day, but something you probably have considered carefully. That’s why we imagine you’ll probably want to test drive your 3 hp outboard before buying it. At Outboard Occasions, we always offer the opportunity to test drive your outboard with one of our experienced mechanics. We will start the engine for you and discuss any questions you may have. In that way, we can be sure you’ll feel good about your purchase. Rip across the water carefree with an outboard from Outboard Occasions!

Used 3 hp outboard

Trading in a 3 hp outboard can be quite a hassle. Where can you get a reasonable price on your outboard? Where can you find a suitable new outboard? These are all problems you will encounter when you want to trade-in your 3 hp outboard. With the help of Outboard Occasions, you won’t have a hassle. We always offer a reasonable and fair price for an outboard. Our experts have a lot of knowledge and experience regarding all types of outboards to know what price is acceptable. When you trade-in your old outboard, you can also choose to buy a new one with your refund. This way, you will have a new 3 hp outboard motor in top quality quickly and without complications!

Outboard 3 hp from different brands

When it comes to a 3 hp outboard motor, you can think of different brands. Each brand has different specifications and options. Mercury outboards, Yamaha outboardsTohatsu outboards and Suzuki outboards can be very different from each other. With various brands, it can be difficult for mechanics when maintaining or repairing an engine. Fortunately, Outboard Occasions has in-house mechanics who have plenty of experience working on 3 hp outboards of all brands. We always make sure to provide top quality when you bring a 3 hp outboard to us for maintenance or repair or when you’re looking to buy a new 3 hp outboard. Please contact us if you need some advice on buying a new 3 hp outboard engine!